Whether you’ve come to your current circumstances by choice or by force, ultimately you want to land on your feet, stronger than before and at peace.

It is critical that you hire the best divorce attorneys during this process, whether you are conflicted, confused or calm.

Your lawyers must not only know a multitude of laws that are relevant to your specific case, they must also have the ability to take the facts of your case (both good and bad) and navigate those facts within the context of the law and the court system. Your future, your dreams, your children and your property all are the subject of your divorce suit.

At Briner Family Law Group, we believe it is absolutely critical that each client’s case is supported by attorneys with the very best trial experience in order to increase the potential for the best final resolution. Trial experience combined with a thorough knowledge of relevant law is crucial in being able to properly assess and evaluate a client’s case, negotiate, and maximize results.

We routinely handle divorce cases that involve issues of mental health, substance abuse and addiction, infidelity, as well as complex property divisions. Whatever the issues that are unique to your case, the family lawyers at Briner Family Law Group will have extensive experience in knowing how to resolve them.

Inevitably, you and your family will be transformed during this process. Our lawyers have handled multiple thousands of cases – whether negotiating those cases to agreed terms, settling those cases during mediations, or trying those cases to juries and judges.

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What our clients are saying

“Thank you so much for all your guidance during the worst time of my life. Our case was very complicated and involved and if it wasn’t for you, I would have gone off the deep end. Your calm approach, your knowledge with every issue and your professional demeanor really kept me focused on the issues at hand. Hats off to your staff for being so patient and kind each and every time I dealt with them. I send you my biggest and sincerest THANK YOU!”


“Thank you for all of your help during my family’s difficult and stressful time. I truly appreciate the care and understanding you gave me when I had nowhere else to turn. Both Josh and I have been able to heal and grow and could not have done so without you. You are a remarkable lawyer and a wonderful person. Thank you for everything you have done.”


“Not only did you guide me through the process with your legal skill, knowledge and experience, you remembered the names of our four kids the entire way through the case!  Marie, you were not just a lawyer – you cared about my kids, my legal position, and making sure that my kids and I were taken care of as much as you could.  Thanks so much!”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Words cannot express my deepest thanks and gratitude. A few months ago all I could feel was hopelessness, but thanks to you I now feel free of financial burden, abuse and control…. I was so amazed with your remarkable support, warmth, courage and defense. You are totally brilliant…. I will never forget all your hard work and dedication.”

– R.G.

“A divorce is an overwhelming stress and one where an attorney can make the process easier or more cumbersome. Thank you to Marie for focusing on my needs, both economically and emotionally. I learned so much about myself during this time and Marie was there to help guide me. Marie’s ability to see the big picture, while focusing on the details, has given me a wonderful lifestyle post divorce. Thank you Marie.”


“You never know what life is going to throw at you. When things seem to be falling apart, the greatest comfort is having someone you trust carry you through the tough times. Your expertise in the law, and in psychology and human behavior, gave me a sense of peace that things would be resolved in the best way – for me, and for my children. Now that we’re on the other side of our transition, I feel truly privileged to have had someone like you on my side. You are tough, compassionate, smart, and reasonable… and our outcome really represents the best situation for everyone involved. Thank you!


“Thank you for empowering my Mom during such a difficult transition. You took her by the hand, while she was learning to walk on her own. A year later, she is a much stronger woman now than she was during her marriage. Your advice and guidance has enabled her to stand on her own. Thank you.”

E.G., adult daughter of client